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Workshop Services

MFE's workshop capabilities provide our customers with highly technical and specialised fabrication services centrally located in the Surat Basin, Western Downs and Toowoomba regions. We teach and implement LEAN manufacturing processes to remain competitive and ensure continuous process improvement. Our workshops in Chinchilla and Toowoomba include guillotine, brake press, H press, milling and lathe assets along with other standard workshop equipment. Our systems are certified to ISO9001, ISO45001 and ISO14001 and we have welding inspectors, quality advisors and welding supervisors within our team to ensure compliance to our piping, pressure and structural standards, and to mentor our team and provide continuous up-skilling opportunities.

Our fitters are highly trained and enjoy the use of the most up to date lathe and milling equipment. MFE seeks to continuously monitor and improve its systems through conducting internal and external audits on our procedures and welcoming external client audits.


Our workshop capabilities include:

  • Stainless steel works to procedures and qualifications to AS1441 and 1554.6

  • Piping and Spool works to procedures and qualifications to AS3992 and AASME

  • Pipe testing inclding RT, Mag particle and Hydraostatic

  • Structural works to procedures and quailfications to AS1554.1 and AS4100

  • Experience in design and Auto CAD

  • Parts and Stores management to ensure component traceability and certification

  • Producing ITPs and MDRs

  • Painting with NACE level 1 inspector and booth

  • Lath and milling works

  • Hydraulic cylinder repairs/rebuilds and pump rebuilds

What is LEAN Manufacturing?. It is the methodology that focuses on reducing waste during the manufacturing process whilst maximising productivity. Waste is anything that a customer does not value and not willing to pay for.

ISO9001: The international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS). Organisation use the standard to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

ISO45001: International standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management systems. Benefits include ensuring an organisational focus on legal and regulatory compliance, reduce workplace injuries, increase operation efficiencies due to decrease employee injuries, promote internally and externally the organisations commitment to a safe work environment.

ISO14001: International standard that specifies requirements for an effective environmental management system. It provides a framework that an organisation can follow to minimise operations negative affect on the environment and comply with applicable laws and regulations.

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