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Project Management

One of the key strengths of MFE is in its ability to build relationships with clients, employees, suppliers and the community. It’s this ability to build trusted relationships which makes the company so successful in delivering project objectives. We know the most influential factor in building and sustaining relationships is communication. Behind every success story, the ability to effectively communicate with all interested parties is a stand out.


We build client satisfaction and importantly employee satisfaction through ownership, reward, building competence and confidence and this directly impacts project success. There is focus on exploring the use of new technologies, undertaking research and design projects and reviewing efficiencies to return profitable solutions to clients.


Some of the key facets of our project management include:

  • Design and engineering 

  • Fabrication, installation and commission 

  • Subcontractor management 

  • Site risk and emergency assessment and management 

  • Pipe work and pipelines 

  • Facility expansion

  • Civil and structural installations

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